My birthday was 8 days ago.

Chris’ was 11 days ago.

And I’m just getting around to editing and posting a few pictures.

I admit it… I’m behind.


But it’s a good behind.

A happy behind.

*if you’re thinking what I’m thinking when reading “a happy behind” then stop that right now.


I’ve been playing a bunch with my kids.

Spending time outside.

Wreaking havoc in the creek.

Hanging out with our church community.


Playing games around the kitchen table until late at night.

Reading through the Bible with Asher and Dalton.

Studying Mere Christianity with Victoria and Zach.


Not sure when I’ll be posting more regularly.

Because for now, this happy behind is just fine.



  1. What wonderful reasons for a happy behind! We have “happy behinds” here too after returning from china 3 weeks ago. IT HAS BEEN HEAVENLY! Enjoy it all!

  2. Adorable. 😉

  3. Campbell says:

    such beautiful happy smiles!!! Seeing Poppy’s smile so wide and easy is so wonderful to see. Lula is just a lovely little girl and sweet vivi is getting more grown up by the minute!! Loves to you all!! Happy Summer!!!

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy =). Love seeing all of those smiles.

  5. Happy Birthday to the 2 of you!

  6. Love this! <3

    (and the 'happy behind'!) 😉

  7. Suzette says:

    Happy birthday!!

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