still smiling

After our little photo shoot the other day – after Jewel was back in her stall, my camera was put away and we were heading up to the house – I turned around. And there was Poppy, still smiling.

Out came the camera again.


This might be my favorite one of all.



  1. love love love

  2. Gorgeous! Look at that smile.

  3. What a spectacular smile!!!

  4. This is just soooo beautiful!!!! Thinking back to the pics you posted from China…..what a difference love makes!!!!!

  5. I love this one too!


  7. Oh! My! I don’t think she could be any sweeter if she tried. What a beautiful shot! and girl.

  8. Awe so cute!

  9. so very precious!!!! goodness, Victoria is the boss of birthday cakes! she should start a business!

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