just a picture

… of my first and and my last.

… of a child that came to us through biology and a child that came to us through adoption.

… of two cherished daughters.


Just a picture… that pretty much sums up how what adoption looks like in our family.



  1. and it is gorgeous.. what i love is that we have adopted more times than had homemade kids– so our kids think that adoption is just as normal :) my daughters both bio and adopted want to adopt (but that could be they know giving birth hurts.. 😉

  2. Should be a poster for adoption. Well done.

  3. beautiful

  4. You sure did get some cuties however they came to be yours!! Can’t beat those smiles!!!!

  5. So beautiful!!!!!! Love!!!

  6. I. LOVE. IT !!!!!

  7. Very sweet!

  8. Very beautiful! This picture makes me very happy!

  9. So very sweet!! <3

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