it’s my birthday and I want to do something wonderful. join me.

I love it when it's my birthday, because I get to do special stuff. Ask for special stuff. And usually, because I'm the birthday girl, I get what I ask for. Last year I asked y'all to join us in celebrating a new little one who would be joining our family. (Can you believe it's just been a year?) And before that I asked y'all to join me in supporting a sweet friend in bringing her daughter home. And y'all have never disappointed. You love others in a big, beautiful way. So here I am again, on my birthday, asking for something. But this year, I'm giving … [Read more...]

more than just a few pictures.

When I asked my girls who wanted to go outside with me and my camera, wearing their So Loved shirt, Lula was the first to shout (and jump, with both hands in the air), "Me! Me!" The promise of a pack of Skittles might have helped. I can't be sure. My hope was to just get a few new pictures of the So Loved for girls, since we recently switched from a unisex to a more girly fit. (And since it is so ridiculously cute on, geesh.) But as I looked through these pictures - and thought about all that has happened since I first had the idea for So Loved four years … [Read more...]

a life worth remembering

This was the first picture I ever saw of her. And still, even 3 years later, she takes my breath away. Those pixie ears. That raven hair. Those crimson lips. It didn't take long for me to fall helplessly in love with her. As most of y'all know, we watched as the Lord moved mountains to help us bring Esther home. So many ways He showed Himself mightily on her behalf.Esther at 5 months But, for reasons I won't know this side of heaven, Esther caught a virus that fatally affected her broken heart. She was just 20 months old. And just 2 months shy … [Read more...]

he knew

It's been three years. Three years since the phone rang, that Monday after Mother's Day, and the voice on the other end asked me if I was sitting down. Our precious Esther, for whom we had just received LOA, had suddenly passed away. We were absolutely shocked. Horrified. Silenced. But God was not surprised. He knew the exact number of hairs she had on her head. And He knew the exact number of days she had on this earth. He also knew how I would grieve. Oh my goodness, my heart positively broke. But how He carried me, loved me. And one of the ways He … [Read more...]

happy birthday, sweet one

Today we celebrate a most bittersweet day. Today would have been Esther's 4th birthday. We will make a cake today. We will think of her. Miss her. But no candles will be blown out. No presents opened. No squeals of delight. Instead, we grieve the loss of a beloved daughter and a cherished sister. But it is impossible to stay in that grief. Because God is so much bigger. One year ago on this day, in honor of Esther's birthday, I shared about a little girl named Kate. She was at New Day Foster home and in need of heart surgery. Because of the … [Read more...]

the answer

Today marks two years since we got the call about Esther's death. And my heart still aches for her. So much has happened since in those two years. So much I could have never anticipated nor imagined. At the time I simply couldn't see past my grief. I didn't want to see past my grief. Not a year. Not a month. Not even a day. But God. He carried me during that time, constantly reminding me of His love. He didn't give me the answers I so desperately sought. But He gently revealed to me that He was the Answer. Two years later I can look back … [Read more...]

a very special day

On December 12, 2010, I saw a face that would change our lives forever. We spent the next few months praying furiously and working tirelessly to make her a part of our family. On April 7th, we shared her sweet picture, and very-much-wrestled-over middle name, here on the blog for the first time. And the next day we launched So Loved - a fundraiser to bring our girls home. We even created a t-shirt especially for the occasion. On April 29th, we received the news we had been waiting for - our LOA had been issued for both Poppy and Esther. We were … [Read more...]

one year ago…

we got a phone call that would change us forever. Esther had passed away. My goodness, I miss her so. God has done much in our lives since then, to bring us comfort. To bring us joy. He has been so very good to us. Shortly after we accepted Esther's referral, He encouraged me to create a t-shirt, as a way to fundraise. But since her passing, it has become so much more. Last July, as we approached what would have been Esther’s 2nd birthday, we began offering So Loved for sale at Wild Olive with 100% of the proceeds going to fund a future heart … [Read more...]

timeline to Tallula

Some of y'all have wondered about our timeline to Miss Tallula. And mentioned that it seemed that we'd had the fastest and easiest paperchase in history. It wasn't exactly the fastest. Or the easiest. But the question did get me to thinking: when did we 'start' for Tallula? How long has it been? And the answer stung this mama's heart a bit. Because our journey to Tallula started with Esther. If we had not fallen completely head over heels for a little girl with pixie ears and long eyelashes, we'd have never found our Tallula. And, despite the sting, I … [Read more...]


I was so very excited to get this back. My most favorite piece of jewelry. Heck, one of my most favorite things... period. But I was also incredibly nervous. When I received the new charm for my necklace for my birthday last year, I knew it would include the name of our newest little bug, Miss Tallula. But I wasn't quite sure if it should include Esther's name as well. I considered having a different necklace made just for Esther. But I just couldn't decide. So, I waited. And waited. But an answer did not come. Finally, I was determined … [Read more...]