1. I just seen this and emailed you before you posted! Your sneaky girl. I am going to grab a button now. Kathy

  2. I am so excited about this!!!! I have been wanting some great tees like this!!!! Fabulous idea! Gotta run, I have some shopping to do!!!!!!


  3. I JUST came from PW & saw the shirts!! WOWEE!!! LOVE THEM!!!

    I'm grabbin' my button, girl, then I'm going to try to decide which shirt to get…(although I am partial to "transform your mind" since that is my FAVORITE scripture!)

    You continue to AMAZE & INSPIRE ME!

  4. I’m so glad you won PW’s contest, so that she could introduce us to you and your gorgeous blog. Much success with your tshirts! They’re fabulous!

  5. SASSY!!!!
    You know I buzzed over and bought me a few…
    And I posted on the Hippy!

    Very Cool.
    You gals are wild…………
    tha’s all i’ll say.;)


  6. FAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC! muy brilliante, chica! i will put up a post tonight and put your web address in my facebook profile status. may God bless the work of yourhands!

  7. So, so, SO cool!!!!! Beautiful shirts – so different than anything out there!! Grabbed the button – will write a post later – composing emails to buddies that don’t blog (what’s with that?!?!) – then off to shop!!! Heee Heee…
    May God richly bless your new venture!!!

  8. Do you make the t-shirt without the verse on the back? Is it possible to special order one like this? Leigh

  9. I just love your website! I got your link from the Pioneer Woman website and she mentioned you make t-shirts and I liked the one you were wearing in your picture so I had to come check out your website. Love it, love it, love it!! I had to order a shirt and I’m sending a link to my sister because I know she’s going to love it too! I can’t wait to get my tshirt and I really enjoyed your blog. I’m putting you in my favorites.

  10. AWESOME! I’ve added the button to my blog (sad, pathetic and so infrequently updated as it is….).



  11. Very, very cool! I LOVE it!!!! I’m gonna talk to every woman I know about this!!

    Who did the blog design? It is AWESOME!!!!!

  12. Cool freebie offer–I’m going to go check it out now! Hey, if you or any of your readers are interested in checking out mine, I’m hosting a giveaway for adoptive moms or waiting adoptive moms. It’s for a cd made up of my adoption music playlist. These songs include encouraging songs for the wait, songs specific to adoption, as well as some songs about parenting in general. If you want to be included in a drawing for a free cd collection of the songs to encourage you, please leave a comment with your name and where you are in the adoption process. I’ll do the drawing soon. I’m hoping to have some fun myself doing this as well as encourage you out of the winter blues…or waiting blues!
    (scroll down to see the post about it)

  13. How exciting!!! Just found you from the Pioneer Woman blog – you are a lucky woman to get to meet her & Bakerella! Love your blog. Your children are precious.

  14. Wonderful! I’m not Christian myself but I am always inspired by your faith and all you do. I’ll link you up merely for adoration and inspiration. Good luck with your new venture.

  15. I found you today by way of PW and I just have to say that I LOVE your shirts – I just ordered two! I’ll be gettin’ my verse on in Alabama! You seem like an amazing woman. God bless!

  16. Just added your button to my blog.

    Found you from PW and love your new shirts!!

    Praying that this adventure you’ve started prospers and brings HIM glory!!

    Blessings ~ Lindsay from Oregon

  17. Saw your pics on TPW and the link, brought me here and then to your new site! Amen sister love the t-shirts! Sounds like you had a very fun day – I hope it does wonders for you biz too! I’ll be grabbing the button for my sight!

  18. Hi Stefanie!
    I am totally excited about these. they will make great gifts for some friends! And even better, I can’t wait to pick out one for myself! I’ve grabbed the button and it is on my blog – you never cease to amaze me with your talents and ambitions. When do you sleep?

  19. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw you on PW’s site in your WO t-shirt! soooo cute! hope you had a great time and are coming down from that refined sugar high!

  20. I was gonna add the button, but is there no love for the fat girls?!? How about a 2x?! OK, I will still add the button but please let me know when a big girl can get some lovin’!

  21. Ok, I am so in love with the shirts and I truly wish I could buy one of each! Right now the rooted and transform your mind are my two favorites – but I could certainly wear them all since I spend everyday in jeans and a t-shirt. Wait a minute – I’m thinking one for each day of the week and one to spare! Boy that would simplify my life!

    I really do love them! I pray this just explodes and people everywhere take their scripture with them! I wrote up a post on my blog for you as well as the button.


  22. I left a message for you on the WOT site. I just wanted to say two things here:

    1: Andrea’s comment is cracking me up!! haha!! I feel your pain sister.

    2: How awesome all the new friends you are making from PW’s site. I know God is going to do great things for you guys! Praise Jesus! Maybe if I could come up with some totally awesome idea to raise some money, my husband would let us adopt too! I better get to thinkin!

  23. Love the new shirts! Let us know when you add a few sizes for those of us who are a little more…shall we say…fluffier…than a 10-12. I wore that size in high school but that was 13 years, two babies and one pending adoption ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!

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