Big girl Belle

Isabelle is (almost) potty trained! It was all her idea, she started coming to me to tell me she needed to go and then taking me by the hand and leading me to the bathroom 😉 So I figured we’d go with it and see how it went. She has been good about going #1 on the pot, but no luck with #2. But I thought, eventually, she’ll figure it out. Well, after one accident and one huge blowout in her crib from trying to hold it until she had a diaper on, she DID IT!! Once again, this girl has filled my heart to bursting for all that she has accomplished in the last several months. I know, it’s just potty training, but for our sweet girl, it’s a big deal. And she is SO proud. She just grins when she’s up on that big girl potty. I tried to use candy as an incentive, but she doesn’t care! She just wants to. The other day she just had on her panties. She took them off once and I insisted that she put them back on. A few minutes later, she was running around panty-less again. I asked her where her panties were and she ran to the trash can. Yeah. Wonder how many other things that have gone missing have had a similar fate. Thankfully I had just changed the liner and I fished them out and handed them to her. To my surprise, she sat right down and put them back on… correctly! Go big girl!!



  1. Mike, Hayley & Piper says:

    FANTASTIC! What great photos as usual! I can’t think of a better color for undies…Piper loves her stripey ones, and pink ones.

    That girl has determination!


  2. Melissa & Scott says:

    The oldest girl graduating with honors (go Tori go!!) and the youngest using the potty! Great job, Belle and great job, Mom!

    Kate has sat on the pot, but hasn’t even tinkled yet. I’m just thrilled the potty doesn’t freak her out anymore (the first time I put her on she absolutely wailed, and did so every time I even asked her about it for months). Her time will come. Maybe I’ll show her these pics in the morning.

    Oh, and could those panties BE any cuter??? I don’t think so!

  3. Patricia/NYC says:

    I LOVE that sweet Isabelle!!
    Great photos!!
    We are also in the middle of this, so I totally related to those photos! 😉

    Go, Belle, Go!!

  4. Danielle says:

    Lots of accomplishments happening over at your house. Way to go Belle!


  5. Yes, Minister... says:

    That is awesome! She must feel so proud of herself! I have given up with LiLi until Ian goes back to school in the fall.

  6. Yes, Minister... says:

    Oh ~ BTW ~ looks like Belle’s curls are coming back 😀 Love it!

  7. Mom of 5 says:

    Way to go !
    That’s great…can’t wait for that in our home.

  8. Way to go Belle! That is awesome!

  9. One day, when life slows down, you should write a book! Seriously!
    We all love how your heart for your family is so obvious in every post and how your quick wit and humor makes us laugh and your vulnerability sometimes makes us cry! You are gifted with words sister! You are one super Mama- dealing with graduation and potty training in the same month! God is good!

  10. aggieleist says:

    This is awesome.
    Kade had 1 down, but refused to sit on the potty. Then on Mother’s day, he knew he had to go but had undies on and stated to cry, so I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom. He went, and since then, he’s totally trained – yeah!!! He loved all the hoopla, and prizes he got, especially Spongebob underwear.
    Way to Go Belle!

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