sassy pants

This girl.

Is so incredibly sweet.




There is not a person (or animal, for that matter) in this household that is immune to the allure that is Vivienne.

And you can probably see why.

Truly, she has enchanted us.

Which is sayin’ something when it comes to the 6′ 2″ and 195 pounds of tough guy she so-sweetly calls ‘daddy’.

She might be 3 1/2 and barely wearing a size 2, but she’s got a whole lot goin’ on.

For more Black and White cuteness, check out my friend Lisa’s blog.



  1. Adorable girl, adorable photos. I almost did a double take as she sure looks like Sophie in these pictures. Do they resemble each other in person?

  2. Loooove these pics! She is beautiful mom 😉

  3. Yes, she does.

    (& I agree with Ashely, above, at first I thought it was Sophie too!)

  5. She looks so happy!

  6. She has the best smile! Lights up her entire face. :)

  7. Sweet! I love that age!

  8. She is just so beautiful!

  9. So beautiful.

  10. Stef,
    So very precious and seems to know how to work it – you go girl!! 😉

    If you get a chance, please visit I think, if you don’t know this family already, you will appreciate their daughter’s story and her mother’s mission. And perhaps, might like to ‘join forces’ with the mom??

    Thinking of you, Esther, and Poppy. Hoping that you have Poppy in your arms soon!!

  11. Beautiful pics Stefanie and beautiful girl!! :)

  12. Beautiful little girl!

  13. She is absolutely adorable!

  14. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  15. Oh, she looks like the sweetest thing! Beautiful smiles!

    Erika B

  16. Y’all ain’t the only ones Vivi has wrapped around her finger!

    hugs – aus and co.

  17. She’s beautiful :) Can you offer any advice on affording adoption? Ways to raise funds and not let the cost of adoption stop someone (like myself) from pursing adoption. I follow your blog and you always find a way to keep inspiring me. So Thank You!

  18. She pretty much has me in her back pocket as well. :)) Such a sweetie-pie with an amazing smile!

  19. how i love you all!

    i can;t remember if i commented about this or not…but one of the things i most love about you is that, as you mentioned, time with God in His Word is a non-negotiable.

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