the daniel fast

Our Daniel Fast is now over.

Actually, it was over at midnight on Saturday.

And there has been much rejoicing and eating and celebrating and eating since then.

Truth be told, I really did enjoy the last 21 days. Overall.

There were moments.

Some headaches. LOTS of headaches. And some tears. And some stomach upset, too. Fiber? What’s fiber? My stomach had no idea what hit it.

But God was so merciful and never once did I really, truly struggle enough to consider quitting. I have given up coffee in the past. But never, ever have I given up sodas. And sugar. And dairy and meat and bread all at the same time. So really, a few tears and some headaches? Much better than I had feared.

Asher and Chris both finished well, also. Without tears, even. And so did much of the congregation of our church. Sunday’s church service had some very caffeinated full happy people in the house, let me tell ya.

My man started his Sunday with some things he and Asher had been missing for weeks: meat and bread and cheese. Enter the fancy sandwich.

I ate something I’d been craving for weeks as well: yogurt. Isn’t that boring? And oh, so surprising? Of all the things in my fridge, all I wanted was plain vanilla yogurt. And I am happy to report, it did not disappoint.

Now we are moving out of the Daniel Fast and into the Daniel Plan. Started by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, the Daniel Plan is a modified (read: more lenient) version of the Daniel Fast. It’s a 52-week program that focuses on six core principals for “Glorifying God in the Way We Eat, Move and Think!”

Oh my.

Yes, 52 weeks does seem daunting. But, honestly, I felt early on in the fast that God wanted me to continue on this for more than just 21 days. That He wanted me to use this as a starting point to not only care for myself better, but care for my family better.

And you guys who had recipes and ideas and links to share with me during the fast? Y’all were a big part of what got me through. God used y’all at just the right time. So grateful for you reaching out to this woman of such weak will.

So there you have it. Anyone that knows me well is probably picking their jaw up off the floor at this point. Longtime lover of Diet Coke, McDonald’s and Little Debbie, I have been known to make poorer food choices than a 2 year old.

And – although I did work-out faithfully in my 20’s and into my 30’s – let’s just say I haven’t owned a pair of running shoes since Sophie came home. In 2006.

So that prompting that I got to eat better, drink better and move more? Well, it’s been a long time coming.

And so, with His help, I am hopeful that things are changing.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

Like it or not, I will keep y’all posted.

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
~ 1 Corinthians 10:31



  1. Congrats! (From someone who didn’t quite make it through the Daniel Fast) :-/ The Daniel Plan sounds awesome too!

  2. I will be finishing my fast on super bowl Sunday…talk about celebrating!! I didn’t know about the Daniel plan,but felt God wanted me to continue on. God provided this post to help me find Daniel plan…thanks. I haven’t REALLY suffered but will welcome dairy next week with open arms. Thanks for continue to uplift us through your walk with God.

    • Let me know what you decide to do, Shelley! Sounds like He might be working on both of us to make some longer-term changes :)

  3. Congratulations on sticking with it! I am really trying to take better care of myself too. I don’t know why it hit me like a surprise that I was a mother and I needed to take care of myself so I can take care of my family, but shockingly, it was a surprise. Anyway, I recently read the book The Spark by the founder of the SparkPeople website. One of the tidbits I gleaned from the book that has really changed my thinking about exercise, is adopting his habit of exercising at least 10 minutes every day. Actually, he told himself he only had to exercise 10 minutes. But he did it every day, doing more when he felt like it. As the days went by, he realized he had a streak going – wouldn’t want to break it. So that’s what I am trying. I did 5 days in a row last week and though I said I would only exercise for 10 minutes, I exercised for 20 min. Today, it is a beautiful, sunny winter day, so my son and I walk/jogged the baseball fields at his brother’s school while waiting to pick him up. It was 13 mins. Now my DH and I are going for a walk. Maybe I will actually get in 30 mins today! I love thinking that even if all I did was 13 mins, I still met my goal for the day. And yes, I am seeing a change on the scale even with that small amount because I surprisingly don’t want to eat salty chips or eat ice cream before bed. A mini piece of candy totally satisfies my sweet tooth. Yeah!

    Keep it up, you will feel great no matter how small the changes!

    • LOVE that idea, Kimberlie! 10 minutes a day… I think I can do that! Sounds like you’re on your way, too… way to go!!

  4. I was wondering how it was going! Our family has been trying REALLY hard to cut out ALL high processed foods ( Some weeks are better than others! But we’ve come a long way, sister! 12 years ago, before children, our Sunday morning breakfast for the drive to church consisted of stopping at the gas station to pick up 2 real Cokes and 2 pkgs of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls!! My weakness!! (more often than not I would end of having chocolate stains on my church clothes) So proud of your family! Can’t wait to hear more!!

    • Oh yeah… a Coke and Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls? You’re in my wheelhouse now!!
      So how are the 100 days going? That’s a LOT longer than a 21 day fast… any tips for me? :)

  5. Wow! I love it Stefanie! I’m so inspired by you! Really! Totally inspired. Not just by your choice to do this and follow through, but by your heart. Your heart for your father shines! I just LOVE IT! Bless you sister for taking the road less traveled!

  6. So proud of you friend for sticking to the fast and seeing His hand throughout the entire 21 days. I know it wasn’t easy but YOU DID IT!! WAHOO!!!

  7. We committed to just one week at a time. We’ve found some permanent substitutes, but it definitely takes a lot of planning ahead! Our children have done wonderfully until our oldest got braces, expander and head gear. No nuts, popcorn or granola…our new staples. Still can’t give up my Real Coke or my SWEET Tea! But I’m trying. We’ve really spent a lot of time trying to educate ourselves. We have not gone all organic due to cost.

  8. Congrats on finishing the Daniel Fast! The Daniel Plan is really great and they give you a lot of good recipes to try (I attend Saddleback Church and hear Pastor Rick talk about it all the time). I also love the 10 minutes of exercise idea as I really struggle in that area….definitely going to try that.

    Thanks for all you do for the adoption community through your own blog and No Hands But Ours. I check it every day! We are waiting to be matched with our daughter from China so it is wonderful to share in other family’s journeys to get their kids and to learn all the valuable information that is shared.

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