because I should be packing…

or organizing…

or cleaning.

I thought it would be the perfect time for some fun. Instead.

You ready?

How about a really-fun-super-fanastic quiz?

I thought it would be fun to compile some answers to the following questions about your China adoption travel experience. After I asked y’all for help with special needs blogs links a few weeks ago (and y’all completely blew the doors off) I thought y’all might have some wise and wonderful tips to share with me, and with other folks who will follow in our footsteps in the future.

What? Y’all think I don’t need help? That just because it’s not my first rodeo that I should have all the answers?

Not so.

I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast, much less what I took to China last time.

Here’s to hoping your memory is better…



  1. As someone who falls squarely in the ‘hopes to follow in your footsteps’ category I’m very much looking forward to the responses from those who have gone before.

  2. Oh, me as well! We’re hoping and praying for LOA for our two blessings soon! I can’t wait to bring these kiddos home!

  3. Oh my, so many things that could have been said, but not a lot of space. :-)
    You know though, every Gotcha Day is so different for each of us.
    We just went there with no expectations of how that day would go.

    Part of my heart will forever remain in Henan, China.

    Enjoy packing, cleaning and getting ready for travel. Can’t wait
    to follow your journey!

  4. Robyn kown says:

    Oh please compile these answers before we travel and send to our travel group!!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the official results! :)

  6. Can’t wait to hear all of the results! Now go get packing!!!! :-)

  7. I’m very impressed with the google docs form. I had no idea that you could do that! I teach and have a class blog. I’m going to have to learn how this works!

    I hope you remember everything you need!

  8. As someone who LOVES filling out forms like this, I so wish I could contribute. But as a 19-year-old college student, I wouldn’t be much help with this one. Hopefully one day!!

  9. Tallula is very fortunate to have y’all coming into her life. And, you are, of course, fortunate to have her. Enjoy your trip. BTW, that little Poppy is absolutely beautiful beyond belief. She’s drop dead gorgeous. I’d hate to be her momma when she comes of age. :) (Not really.)

  10. By ALL means take a flashlight! You will need it when the hotel’s ‘scheduled’ power outage (due to construction) happens 2 hours before it is scheduled. Then you won’t have to shower, finish packing, change the baby and walk down 20 somethin’ flights of stairs in the dark with said baby and 15 bags!!

  11. Great form – probably the results should go to NHBO too – and I’d be happy to put it on our blog and web site! (and love google docs – really great work!!).

    And remember – for every traveler – one complete frill “comfort item” and one frill “comfor food”!! 😉

    hugs – aus and co.

  12. What a great idea! I have nothing to offer as I’m getting ready to make my first trip to Henan!! But I’ll gladly soak up all the good advice from experienced travelers :)

  13. I just returned from China last week so I filled out the form, but as I was rewashing my laundry again, I realized I should have said that if you’re from a dry climate and aren’t familiar with the humidity of Guangzhou, don’t just stuff your damp, spit-uppy baby clothes and bibs into your laundry bag unless you want to come home to a bag full of mildewed clothes. Gross! All those cute baby clothes lost! :(

  14. You are gonna be sharing the good stuff with all of us, right?
    Not that we’re in process again.
    But one never knows when “your child” may find you…

  15. Would love to see the responses before we travel again….. always learning new things from fellow AP’s! Thanks for doing this!!!! You rock!

  16. :) FUN!! Oh! I forgot to say… The beds are really hard in China – just been there – I’d forgotten how hard the beds are! (except at the Guangdong Victory hotel… they were lovely beds!)

  17. Information overload!

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