thank you, PW.

I was leaving WalMart at about 1:00 this afternoon when my phone rang. It was my sweet neighbor, inviting us to eat with them and our other neighbors for Memorial Day.

At 3:00.

Since I had milk in my trunk, I knew I couldn’t turn around and go back to WalMart. I’d just have to dig up find something at home to take along.

Once I got home and looked in my pantry, I realized that was easier said than done. Because when you’ve got as many little ones as we do, unless you’re bringing along an entire side of beef, nothing quite seems sufficient.

Thankfully, I knew our neighbors had burgers and hot dogs were covered. And deviled eggs. And I just happened to have a 24 pack of bottled water, and a couple of bags of chips. But what else?

Enter the Pioneer Woman.

And her Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever.

By the grace of God I had (almost) everything I needed to make it. Short the pecans and a teaspoon of vanilla – but it seemed to turn out just fine.

I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of it before. We were sort of in a hurry.

But here is what it looked like after. Not a piece left. In fact, barely a crumb.

Everyone loved it.

So much so that maybe, just maybe, they’ll invite us over again.



  1. Favorite cake recipe ever. My mom always made it for neighborhood picnics.


  3. How wonderful! WIn the past we shared our holidays with another large family- it was so much fun!

    I am guessing you and your crew will be invited back!

  4. note to self—-print out PW choc sheet cake recipe



  5. I am not a cake person but seriously PW’s cake is my favorite!

  6. Oh I’m thinking they’ll invite you back — your darling fam PLUS the world’s best cake!

  7. I am so glad you had the ingredients! YAY! We are out of vanilla too. Thank you for reminding me : )
    Guess what happened to me yesterday? I was in charge of bringing salad to our family event…I know, I know, that clearly indicates my skill level in the kitchen ; ) Any way, I was just about to run to the market for nuts and dressing when I saw a simple cake recipe on pinterest that my friend Drew pinned. Get this. 1 box of vanilla cake mix. 1 pack of strawberries frozen. 1 can of sprite. Don’t mix it. Just throw everything in a pan and bake for 50 minutes at 350. I thought I would try it : )
    It turned out delicious.
    I hope you have a wonderful week. Love, Becky

  8. That sounds GREAT! I’m thinking I need to make some myself.

  9. Oh yes. That is a favorite at our house and at all of our friends’ as well. In fact, our friends have admitted to inviting us to dinners just so I will bring that cake. Ha ha! I love it!!

  10. I love her recipes and will have to make this one! I actually made her Tres Leches and blogged about it –

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE P.W. Just tonight we had her pork chops with fried rice! Yum! and my daughter made her Salted caramel Brownies for dessert! Holy Moly!!!
    Last week was her Chicken Tortilla Soup, soo good with all the fixings!
    Love her!!

  12. I’ve made that exact cake a number of times. It is awesome. PW also has a link to which has equally great recipes. I especially love Rebecca’s Make Ahead Monday recipes. Those are the backbone to our weekday meals. Her taco soup and Cincinnati chili are chart toppers in our house.

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