Sunday Snapshot :: simplified

Can you believe I’ve been posting and hosting Sunday Snapshot for three years now?

Me neither.

Sunday Snapshot began as a way to use photographs and blog posts as, in a sense, a family scrapbook. I’d focus on one of my kids, or a special occasion, and I tried to capture that as best I could in pictures and in word. As I became more interested in improving my photography though, my Snapshots took a turn toward the technical side. I wanted to push myself and improve my photography skills while continuing to try my best to capture those moments with my family.

But now I must again simplify. As much as I love visiting all the links each week, I just don’t have the time I need to not just visit y’all, but say “hey!”, too. And it’s always so tough picking a few favorites when there are so many great photos posted every week. It makes me so sad to think that anyone’s feelings might be hurt if their picture wasn’t chosen. And I want y’all to participate whether you feel like a photographer, or just a momma with a camera. Sunday Snapshot is for fun and I hope those of y’all who might have been too intimidated to participate will come back and play!

I will still focus, personally, on improving my photography. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t host Sunday Snapshot, my camera would be much dustier than it is. So I’m pressing on. I’ll continue to post my settings as well as anything I think might be helpful to any of y’all that might be interested. And I hope some of y’all will post your settings and/or post-processing tips as well.

Now, for some tips and helpful hints:

— You don’t have to be a photographer to play. This is just for fun and anyone with a camera (iPhone, DSLR or in between) can play along!
— Your posts can be about anything you’d like. I will mostly focus on my family and/or special occasions, but feel free to get creative!
— Sunday Snapshot button should appear in the body of the post. If you have trouble linking up, be sure to check that the url is correct.
— Please make sure you post only photos that belong to you.
— Link up your post early as the links near the beginning tend to get more traffic than those posted later.
— Be an encouragement to others. It’s always fun to get comments, so be sure to leave some comment love for other participants, too.

I’ll have my Sunday Snapshot post up soon – hope to see your link there, too!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. One word:



  2. I have to admit to not wanting to post anymore when it was up for a vote, though I sort of figured I’d never be in the running. I LOVE seeing all of the photos each week, but I just don’t have time hardly to take any lately much less post process? I got Lightroom with $$$ from my parents and my in-laws but it makes me crazy. I don’t like it. :( I guess it might help if I knew what I was doing with it.

    I guess too I’m sort of a rebel in that I just want to use the photos SOOC. I know, I know, but that is just me. Sometimes I wish we could go back to picking up the film from the store and going through and stopping at that one photo that just grabs you … and your realize you really captured a moment with that one. And even better if the lighting was just right!

    Well, those are my jumbled thoughts, but yes, simplifying is always a good thing! I’m trying over here too. Thanks for always keeping it real!

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