This girl.

She is 4 going on 24.

And she has the mouth to match. Loves. To. Talk.

Occasionally, she makes a funny. And we all proceed to laugh hysterically.

Then we all add whatever ‘Vivi-ism’ she made up to our daily conversations. Because Vivienne is sort of addictive that way.

In a conversation with herself while playing with her dolls and she was, clearly, oh-so-frustrated with one of them…

“You have got to be coming on!”

When she was making a magnet tower and Victoria was reminding her to be careful not to knock over Tallula’s tower in the process…

“Oh, that’s easy-peasy pants on fire!”

On the way home from the dentist’s office, approximately 15 minutes past her normal lunchtime…

“Is it lunch time yet? I am starving from hungry!”

And Vivienne loves to draw pictures of herself. When I asked her what she was doing in one particular drawing, she replied…

“Oh, I’m just laying around. Like a lollipop.”

Indeed, Vivienne. Indeed.



  1. She’s getting SO big! Where’d her baby face go? Simply stunning……

  2. This girl has always been a prize. She looks so grown up in these pictures. Love those quotes :)

  3. Adorable! And her hair is getting so long!

  4. Love the lighting and setting in these photos! Wish I had access to something like that here in SoCal!

  5. I reeeeally hope easy-peasy pants on fire catches on!!! :)

  6. “Oh, I’m just laying around. Like a lollipop.”–That one made me literally laugh out loud. :-)

  7. She is too cute for words! Oh my….what a blessings!

  8. Personality plus.

  9. These are hysterical….hope you are writing these all down!! :) And boy is she looking so grown up!!

  10. Haha! Made me laugh! She looks like such a sweetie. And a cutie. And just plain adorable.

  11. Simply a brilliant child with a grasp of the language and the obvious! 😉

    hugs – aus and co.

  12. WOW! She’s growing up so fast.

  13. Your pictures are always darling…. but that Vivienne, she is just magnificent. Thanks for sharing tidbits of your sweet ones with us. Precious to see her SO cherished! :)

  14. May I borrow one? Too much! I’m just laying around like a lollipop! That’s me all over! :-) well, at least before my two daughters came home!

  15. So sweet – “Starving from hungry”! I like especially the picture on the top where she is so thoughtful, her focus being in the ball – surrounded by the peaceful forest!

  16. Those are too funny!! Oh my goodness she has grown! Her face looks so much older and more “little girl” than some of your previous posts! I love your blog! My husband and I are just starting out on the adoption journey and there’s so much great information and encouraging stories on here! Thanks so much!

  17. That girl! May have to steal a few of those to use around here. What a precious child.

  18. What a beautiful mind!!!

    Please know that I am continuing to lift up you and Chris in my prayers.

    Love the photos so much I think Adrian and I are going to save and do a ‘couple’ gift this Christmas for a camera after all. I’ll probably email at some time asking advice….you’ve been forewarned! LOL


  19. Love the personality! She shines!!!!!!

  20. I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
    And her momma too!!!!!!

  21. Absolutely precious!! She has so much personality and she is just too cute!

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