my week by iPhone.

I finally figured out how to retrieve my iPhone pics without having to actually find a plug and hook my phone up to my computer, and then move my pictures over to my computer and then move them to where I want them to go.

Okay, I sorta knew how to do it, but I hadn’t actually done it. But I did yesterday, via my new best friend Dropbox, and now I’m all set. I love me some Dropbox because I can put a picture or a file in my Dropbox folder on my laptop, and then I can access it on any of our other computers, including my iPhone. And vise versa.


So I’m hoping to post my iPhone pictures weekly because, honestly, those pictures kinda sorta get forgotten. And really, those are the pictures of real life around here.

that ain’t right, Lula :: end of the football season for Dalton

good times for the girls :: good times for mom

our littlest Frankenstein :: sunset from my window

Vivienne’s masterpiece :: oreos with the best big sis

can’t believe I get to live here :: can’t believe Lula fell asleep here

Vivienne turns 5 :: note to self – I love fall.

P.S. I really do love Dropbox. And, in an effort to be completely transparent, if you decide you love Dropbox too and want to sign up for your own Dropbox account, I will get a free GB of space. But the real reason I wanted to share is because I’m completely relieved that I’m finally backed up. After my external hard drive failed the other day (5 years of pictures and videos, ohmygoshIalmostdied) I’m breathing a sigh of relief to have an online solution. Now my desktop, my blog, my website and all my pictures are backed up in one place that I can access from all our computers and all our mobile devices. All the time. And so I thought I’d share.

P.P.S. We even do our budget through Dropbox. So I can see our budget in real time and update it when I’m out and about – and shopping. And no, I don’t get anything if you get YNAB because it’s free. But I figured I’d share that, too.

P.P.S. I don’t love my budget quite as much as I love Dropbox. The end.



  1. SERIOUSLY run and check out They don’t have any referral thing like Dropbox (which I’ve enjoyed for 2 years now – homeschooling world and doing the school’s yearbook has been awesome with it). What IS great about Backblaze though is it’s $50/year for UNLIMITED online back up solution that is automatic. It will back up anything and everything connected physically to ONE computer. Which was great with my 5 terabytes of external hard drives full of client files and my own photos. ALL, and I do mean ALL of the photos of my family that are on my computer, no matter their state (raw, psd, or jpg) are backed up.

    Disclaimer, I did have to restore my “Move to Archive” folder when I accidently deleted it. The zip file was 4 gigs…it took me 6 HOURS to get it back. LOL But hey, better than NOT having the photos at all like I would normally have done.

  2. Nice post! :)

  3. I love iPhone pics because they capture so much more of ‘real life’… The one on lula asleep on the floor? Too funny!! Great pics!!! And your plug for Dropbox cracks me up! Although come to think of it, I do have a lot of old photos sitting on a computer that I can’t get rid of until the pics are
    In a safe place… 😉

  4. I love dropbox too! It is wonderful for iphones! Bummer mine is all filled up and that’s even with tons of extra referral add on space! Guess I need to go in and clean some pics out!

  5. Glad to hear about this. Sounds like just what I need! Now to find the time to figure it out LOL. BTW, if it weren’t for my iPhone pics, some weeks {gasp nearly a month} I would have no pics of real life around here. :)

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