a change of plans

Oh my goodness, y’all. So much good stuff going on.

As y’all know, my man retired from the military last fall. He recently began a new job in the new field in which he wanted to work, and things were humming along. Okay, he was working crazy long hours and was completely exhausted (which, if you know the energy and the brute strength of my husband, is saying something), but we were so thankful for a job. And in his chosen field, no less.

He also had his eye on a dream job. You know, the one that I asked y’all to pray about (thank each and every one of you who prayed for him in that regard, those prayers were definitely felt!). He’d begun the process for this dream job before he retired, and it required a very, very long process, one in which he would go through 6 or more interviews, some many months apart. He’d completed the 4th interview successfully and we were 4 months into the wait for word on the next interview.

That’s right where we were when I got the email.

And that’s when everything changed.

There was a position available in a field Chris had never considered. It would require travel, and moving to a new state. It would also require Chris give up on this dream job he had been pursuing for close to 8 months.

Would he be interested?

Let’s just say, we’re moving.

This job is more than a dream come true for my guy… too big and too wonderful for either of us to have even thought to dream for ourselves. But I can see so clearly how God crafted him specifically do to this job and I can’t wait to see all He does in and through Chris in the coming months and years.

I don’t usually look back and read posts, but today I did. And I’m sharing more for me than for you because God continues to amaze me. When I asked y’all, about 4 months ago, to pray about Chris’ job this is what I wrote:

“But more than getting this job, we want to pursue God’s plan for our lives. Chris’ future employment is a really big deal because it will determine where we live, what we do and how Chris will be devoting much of his time and talent.

Honestly, despite the occasional nagging fear to the contrary, we both just really want Chris to have the job that God wants for him.”

And that is exactly what God did. Out of the blue, and requiring no effort on our parts. To Him be the glory.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. — Ephesians 3:20-21

P.S. Feel free to take a guess at what you think Chris will be doing, if you are so inclined. I’d love to hear. I don’t have the ‘okay’ to share exactly what he’ll be doing quite yet, but I will share more as I can.



  1. Praise God! His plans and ways are perfect!

  2. Congrats on what is sure to be a life changing experience for all of you! I am guessing he will be working for either the Secret Service or the FBI.
    Just a guess!!

  3. Wonderful news Steph! I love how God blesses us in such amazing ways! Can’t wait to hear about all the job/move details. Angie

  4. Great God, Great story and lovely pics! Ministry?

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! I’m pulled over in my car reading this and I’m thrilled for Chris and for your family!!! This is incredible news. God is good!!! What a journey this will be and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many good things that will come to both you and Chris.

    Sending a big congratulations from PA!!!



  6. hmmmm? I can’t begin to guess, but the fbi comment above sounds exciting. I cant wait to hear what it is and where youre moving.

  7. All in god’s perfect timing. Patience and believing paid off. so excited for you all!

  8. I’m hoping it’s some type of ministry…

  9. Hmmm….given your comments about his brute strength, and that he’ll have to travel, I’m going with body guard. :)
    Oh, and that you’re moving to sunny CA. :)

  10. Outreach support for Thrid Day :) haha I have no idea, just remembered that you had met them!

  11. That’s great news!! Can’t wait to hear where you’re moving to and all that!! What was your hubby’s job when he was in the military?

  12. Congratulations! This part struck me the most, “…requiring no efforts on our parts.” I’ve been praying a lot lately about a situation in our family. I feel the need to be in control. I happened to be reading blogs today (which I do not do daily). I guess God thought I needed to hear this for a particular reason. I always try to listen to what God is speaking to me. I think He is telling me to lay it down and rest. Thanks for sharing.

  13. God is good! I love hearing stories of how he works out all the details. I don’t know why we worry about those things because He’s always in control, but we do. Glad He’s worked out your details. :-)

  14. That’s so exciting! I love stories like this of God blessing us way beyond our hopes and dreams. :-). Very cool! Gorgeous pictures too by the way!

  15. Secret Service… Pilot for AF1… Roadie for Toby Mac? … QVC host? … HGTV host?… Hope some of these made you laugh! :) God bless God’s blessings.

  16. Vicky Hornsby says:

    I’m wanting a ‘like’ button , great news and great adventures afoot. Sounds as if someone had it all in hand just needed the right time to reveal His Plan

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Maybe working for the gov’t in some capacity. Can’t wait to hear, I love to hear God things, it is inspiring.

  18. Congrats!!
    But I have one question. Does Poet get to move too? I’ve loved the silly horse faces addition to your blog!
    Good luck to you all with the new adventure!

  19. Heidi Reitz says:

    My guess is you are moving to Nashville and going to work with the Chapmans.

  20. Crazy excited for your new God-venture!! Don’t you love it when he hears the needs that we didn’t know we had???
    Prayers for all things to fall in place and peace to rest over your household.

  21. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s Gods sovereignty over all things and how He utterly delights in blowing our minds with His goodness and wisdom and “See – I know what I’m doing! I’m doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it?!” So thrilled when a sister can taste and see what The Lord has done and share it to a watching world.

  22. woooohooooo! will you be saying goodbye to your sweet pony? is the move to china?

  23. tammy simmons says:

    My quess is homeland security best of luck.

  24. I’m guessing its spiritual in nature? Leading a church? Best of luck!

  25. I’m very curious, as my husband is an AF pilot who will soon be retiring!

  26. You have NO idea how much I’m going to miss that porch! But whatever God has planned for you, I’m thrilled, and I’m also thrilled that He has shown you the path so clearly.


  27. Aw, Stefanie!!! I am so happy for you both!!! I hate that you will have to move as I know you love where you are now but how wonderful that the Lord has provided this opportunity! WOW! I have no idea what, maybe something in ministry??? Very excited for you all!

  28. awww how awesome and amazing to see God work!!! Watching Him move in peoples lives and in our own brings such joy!!! Congrats!!!!

  29. I’m so happy for you, what an incredible adventure you all are about to embark on :) God’s ways are always best. God bless your amazing family!!!

  30. Congratulations to Chris! That is great news. I have absolutely no idea what he could be doing…….

  31. Your posts always put a smile on my face. Can wait to hear where God is sending you!

  32. I Love those kind of surprises from our heavenly father!! Rejoicing over wonderful surprises!! (my guess is….you are moving to Ga. and he is going to play for the Atlanta Falcons….am I close?? It could just be post season blues :O)

  33. Congratulations to your husband AND family. I say ….a MISSIONARY or PRIVATE PILOT?

  34. Okay….let’s think outside of the box. Maybe an abassador? Will you be moving to another country? Or perhaps a military instructor at one of the military academies?????

    Can’t wait to see what the plans are!

  35. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

    Congrats! Can’t wait to find out where you are going and what Chris will be doing.

  36. I hope your moving to the great state of Kentucky!!!

  37. YEAH!!!!!!! God is so good.
    I could see him as a stage ninja (a person who works on Broadway and moves the sets in between scenes)
    I think that “Annie in AZ” who left a comment earlier is right though :)
    You have a great husband and family, and I really can’t wait to see the Lord use you guys in even more ways than you have already.

  38. Spy!

  39. Can’t even begin to guess Stef!!! Are you coming to Minnesota!!!! :) If so, wait a few months so things can warm up!
    So happy for you… I love how you two have the ability to wait patiently on the Lord and to hear Him!!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing where your man is going!!!!


  40. Congratulations!!!!! Isn’t it wonderful when things are different but even BETTER than you prayed for?!

    I’m guessing it’s in the airline field? My dad and grandfather and uncle were all pilots for Pan Am. Loved it. Or I like the guesses about some kind of secret service job. That would be cool.

    Whatever it is, I hope it’s in Seattle!!!!

  41. Will he become a test pilot for the military?

  42. I have no idea!!! But my guess would be pilot for missionaries or medical missionary teams? Can’t wait to hear where you are moving but I must confess, too, that I will really miss your home!!!!! You have made every home beautiful with your big ole family filling it with love and laughter!!!

  43. So happy for you!! I have no idea what, but I’m excited to hear more about it!

  44. Loved all the guesses above by the uber smart commenters…there are some great ones. Many congrats to Chris on his well deserved opportunity….but to you I have to say….you will never cease to amaze me how you roll with it all…that’s not a small little “carny” that you have to pack up and transport to the next town…but you do it with exuberance and gusto…and you make me realize how that saying about the strong woman behind the man is oh so true.

    Congratulations Ni Hao’ers…….I only wish it were Jersey you were bound for….but wherever you are going I’ll be tagging along as I have been all these years…wouldn’t miss it for the world!


  45. Oh, I hope it requires a move to PA near me. Will he be working for Hershey’s chocolate? Or as a bodyguard for Governor Corbett?

  46. Secret Service? Can’t wait to hear. Congrats to him and your family!

  47. Congratulations!!! God is so good!!! No idea what the job is but I can’t wait to hear!


  48. This is wonderful and faith building! My first thought is Missions Pastor….

  49. God is SO good! Have no new guess other than the ones above….but I’m hoping it is a government job! That would possibly bring you closer to the DC area! So selfishly, I’ll hope for FBI or Secret Service or any of the many other DC area jobs! : )
    Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more!

  50. I hate waiting!!! I can’t wait to see WHERE you’re moving to and what in the world your hubby will be doing!! Soooo exciting!

  51. Awesome! It is amazing how He answers prayers and leads us into exactly he places He needs us! Continued thoughts and prayers for y’all! Can’t wait to follow along. Oh and I have no clue what it might be but I’m super excited! :)

  52. I’m guessing Hollywood for the airing of “Chris and Stefanie plus elevenie”
    Love your family!!!

  53. So excited that God is doing this for you all! I believe you have been faithful to Him and to the little ones, so He is showing His faithfulness to you. My guess is special ops training in California or Virginia.

  54. Yeah so happy for you guys! So I have to guess and I’m think Youth Pastor!!!

  55. I’m thinking he was hoping for 747 pilot and now it’s NASA. Whatever it is, I love how you look at the way God crafted it all and your ability to be so flexible. I can’t wait to travel along! Sending prayers your way!

  56. I was thinking secret service as well, but honestly God bless you for finding the energy to move as often as you do!

  57. I’d venture a guess – but knowing just a touch of his history – and having a family who has learned over the years to not even ask what it is I’m working on (they know I won’t share anyway!) – I’ll suffice to say if his travels bring in to Cincy for a layover we’d be happy to make him safe harbor and a place he can relax – and I’ll wait for the release of the info if/when it comes!

    Great joy for you guys – and reminded that simply “God provides for His Faithful” – cool isn’t it?

    hugs – aus and co.

  58. Congratulations…I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  59. Wow, I am so excited to hear! I love God size surprises! I’m not going to guess because I always seem to short change Him in my expectations.

    Thank you so much, Stef, for sharing prayer requests and your heart during this process.
    We are preparing to answer the call to missions and as my fear and my faith go head to head every day it is an encouragement to me, to see God’s blessing and control in the lives of others.

    Bountiful Blessings to you!

  60. Missionary aviation or NASA research pilot!

  61. I’m just sad you have to leave that awesome and amazing house!!!!
    But exciting times! Can’t wait to hear where and what.
    I think pilot for somebody important….

  62. By the River says:

    Cannot Guess, but wonderful news!

  63. Congratulations! It is amazing how God works to lead you to the path you are meant to be on. And your photos in this post are stunning! I love the sunbursts. Thank you for sharing!

  64. I have no idea! You’ve dispelled some of the guesses already or have you??? Hmmm … I can’t even imagine what it could be. I’m thinking it is in the private sector, b/c I just am thinking the govt. wouldn’t be emailing you about a new job for Chris. But maybe the would?

    The Prez worked as a civilian at the Army Corps and everything had to go through red tape LOL!, so the email makes me think it is private. But what??? Some kind of NGO maybe?

  65. Hit reply too soon. Hovered too long in one spot! Was going to agree with so many others that I’ll miss your front porch pics and love how you point to God acknowledging His work in all of this! He is so GREAT!!!

  66. Oh wow…Stefanie…I am so behind reading blogs and I just read this to find out you’re moving. How exciting, exhausting, and amazing! God is so good to give Chris a dream job. :) And the property you are looking at…SO AWESOME! I have dreams of living in a similar place–maybe someday. Can picture my kiddos running through a forest and playing in a creek. :) Hugs!

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