…is being made.

Slow and steady, we’re knocking out box after box after box.
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I’m the type that has to empty every single box as soon as possible. Because I know myself well enough to know that if they sit – or heaven forbid, make it all the way into the attic – I might never open them.

Needless to say, this method leads occasional chaos. You should see Poppy’s closet.

But let’s focus on this room.

It’s close to finished. No piles on the floor of utterly random stuff.

No tape stuck to the carpet. No cardboard.

No reminders of all there is left to do.

Slow and steady. We’ll get there.

Feels so good to watch this house become our home.



  1. Campbell says:

    Looks GREAT!!! Keep on going! You’ll get there!!!!

  2. Love it!! Welcome home!

  3. It’s a beautiful big room. I love the windows and the built ins.

  4. Yay! I know how you feel about the boxes! We have an attic full ONLY because our stuff was moved back in after our house fire when I was pregnant and couldn’t get them all done. My goal is to get them all done before the attic gets unbearably hot!

  5. The good news is, as a military wife, you are well versed in packing and unpacking!! 😉 I fear that after 6 years in New York, I’ve gotten out of the habit!! haha! I’m jealous of those built ins!! Gonna have to add that to my wish list for the new house!

    Congrats on clearing out the boxes! I plan on letting the movers dump it all in rooms and haul the boxes away so that I’m FORCED to get organized right away!

  6. Amy Pop says:

    I LOVE that room! Beautifully done!

  7. glad to hear you are settling in! and love those huge windows!!! hooray for natural light!

  8. Awww. It is becoming a home, filled with stuff and lots of love.

  9. Diana R. says:

    WELCOME HOME STEF!!!! I know you are going to LOVE it in AL!!!!!

    Wish I was there to help do the kitchen, (and/or Poppy’s closet!)


  10. Hang in there! I am just like you hen it comes to unpacking.

  11. Love,the built ins. Looks very inviting and cozy

  12. snekcip says:

    It’s coming along beautifully!! Love your two castaways!!

  13. Wow! I don’t see how you’ve had a chance to check out the pillowtop you were anxiously awaiting… You must have some fabulous helpers. Missed you while you were MIA…excited to see more!

  14. Your determination is wonderful! I’m similar. If I unpack a suitcase as soon as I get home it’s done. If it makes it to the spare room it becomes part of the furniture and can be there for *gasp!* months if the clothes in it are the opposite season to what we’re wearing!

    Looks wonderful!

  15. Its looking great! I hate the feeling unsettled feeling I get from boxes so I ca relate. So thrilled you are making progress. Welcome Home!

  16. Seriuosly- way to go!!

    You rock!! The room looks great!!

    Soooooooo…. do I need to move to clean everything out?

    I have more junk drawers than designated drawers…

    I may have issues…

  17. How positively FABULOUS! Wow, I love everything about this room (especially that little peanut and her puppy!)

    I am EXACTLY the same way with the boxes…recently I opened 4 boxes of silver chafing dishes and pieces passed down in my family that I packed up SIXTEEN years ago!

    Great job….forward MARCH!

  18. looks great!! (you are a professional by now, eh?) :)

  19. So much work to unpack and fill a new home! Prayers for sanity, ease, and enjoyment during the process! So happy for y’all that everything is falling into place! HE is great!

  20. I’m not sure if your recent moving posts make me feel better … or worse LOL! :) I might be dreading it all. The last time we moved, we had ONE child and as you know we now have six. We also have some four-legged family members as well. What we don’t have is a home ready to move in, but it will all be worth it once we renovate. I keep telling myself we’ve done it before (major renovations to a 1970s-era home), and so we can do it again! :)

    Your post and my ramblings remind me of a book I’m certain you’ve read more than a time or two as well. The line most used in that book says: “I think I can, I think I can.”

    As someone else above said, just keep on going! This room looks great! :)

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