happy birthday

to me.

Celebrating being one year older (is that not a blazing oxymoron?) with a Cherry Garcia ice cream sandwich. Cherry Garcia because, if you’re gonna make a homemade ice cream sandwich, you may as well go all out.

Am I right?


P.S. Have loved reading all the sweet birthday wishes. Thanks for making this one-year-older lady smile.



  1. Sounds YUMMY! Happy Birthday to an incredible woman!!!

  2. What a perfect way to celebrate ones birthday! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!
    It’s my bday too! Looks like I am in good company! Hope your day is wonderful!

  4. Happy birthday sweet friend!!! Looks like my kind of sandwich :)) Miss and love you!

  5. Happy Birthday, Stefanie!! I’ve loved your blog for awhile now, thank you for sharing your lovely family and journey with us. I pray that God sends you tons of His blessings and joy this year!!!

  6. You certainly know how to do it up right! Happy Birthday, Stefanie… hope it was grand!!

  7. oh wow! that just looks divine!!

  8. Happy Belated and Happy 4th! My oldest son’s birthday is today..


  10. Happy belated birthday to you, Stefanie! And I think I blew my diet just looking at that thing! Must have one now!

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