Sunday Snapshot: Sophie this summer

Last fall I did a series of pictures of all of my kiddos. One by one I took each one of ’em out for a mini-shoot, in lieu of paying out the nose for unflattering school photos.

And, although it still cost me plenty in lollipops and bug bites, it was oh-so worth it.


Since then, they’ve gone and changed on me. And so, I’m doing it again.

One by one, I’ll make my way through each of my babies, to capture the changes.

You know, before they go and change again.


I chose to start with Sophie since she’s always enthusiastic about things like this.

And she was having an especially good hair day today.


I told her to choose a few of her favorite things to bring with her.


And her choices – a purple flower and Seamus – were no surprise.

Especially the dog.


Love you, Sophie Lulu.

Thank you for making it so easy to capture beautiful you.

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Ni Hao Yall

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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. photosbyruthie says:

    Oh my! She has gotten so old! Beautiful girl.

  2. She is gorgeous. No wonder you wanted to capture that. :-)

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Wow, she is spectacular!
    Watch out world!

  5. WOW! She has grown even more beautiful. Great shots!

  6. Love!

  7. She’s growing up to be such a beautiful young lady!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  9. Sophie is such a beauty. And purple is her color!
    That silly dog gets a lot of attention… haha.

  10. Jen from cincy says:

    So lovely!

  11. Amy Murphy says:

    Holy cow!!! She’s growing right up!!!

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