hello, handsome

We’ve been having some extraordinarily beautiful days around here.

It’s been so beautiful, I’ve been finding all sorts of reasons to spend as much time possible outside.


Like Poet. He’s just 3 years old and still a baby in so many ways.

But he’s looking so big lately. So mature.

We got him as a long yearling and he’s grown about 3″ since then. And put on a few hundred pounds.


I haven’t managed to capture any of his funny faces recently, but he still makes them. Regularly.

And still manages to be a wee bit spoiled.


What can I say, I’m just a grown-up-kid-who-always-dreamed-of-having-her-own-horse-and-now-she-does-and-pinches-herself-daily-because-of-it.


The love affair continues.

P.S. Linking up with my sweet friend Lisa over at The Long Road to China.



  1. What a BEAUTIFUL HORSE!!! My daughter would NEVER inside the house if this horse was anywhere near us!!

  2. Awesome! I know I am not supposed to be…but am a wee bit jealous. 😉 So glad you are blessed with Poet. 😉

  3. Swoon.. =)

  4. Beautiful! Animals are such a gift to the world.

  5. Beautiful! :)

  6. I love the last pic! Great captures of your horsie. <3

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