Sunday Snapshot: thankful

Two days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving.

But, before we dug into our big turkey dinner, I decided to ask our youngest seven what they were most thankful for. I thought it would be an interesting little exercise in learning more about what stirs their affections and, hopefully, remind them of all of the ways God has blessed them.

I did not prompt any of them and I didn’t let any of them know what their siblings had said. I wanted their answers to be all them.

Some took longer than others, but they all were able to come up with five, and probably could have come up with a lot more.

But, for sanity’s sake, we stuck with five. And here we go…


1. Jesus
2. playing blocks
3. drinking water
4. picking flowers
5. Waym-eee and No-eee (aka Seamus and Noah)



1. my pillow pet
2. my blanket
3. daddy and mommy
4. drinks
5. Sophie



1. books so we could read
2. homeschool so we could learn
3. the whole world so we could go somewhere
4. water so we could grow – since it’s so healthy
5. clothes so we don’t have to be naked



1. family
2. friends
3. pets
4. life
5. God



1. my family
2. Noah and Seamus
3. our toys
4. this house
5. food and water



1. my home
2. mother and father
3. food
4. living
5. the world



1. my family
2. my cousins
3. trees for oxygen
4. food and water
5. mom and dad


And I’d say my little exercise was a success. My kids thought about their blessings. They named them. Their hearts are thankful. For water. And Jesus. And pets.

But oh, my heart.

Brimming with thanks. Because God chose me to be their mama.

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Happy (almost) Sunday, y’all.



  1. Great post Stefanie! Love how our class assignment inspired these beautiful pictures! :)

  2. So sweet all their thankful hearts!! Obviously you have two loved doggies!

    Blessings, Ashley

  3. Priceless memory. Thanks for sharing your sweet family.

  4. This is so sweet! Great answers and fabulous shots!

  5. What beautiful images of your precious children! I loved their thankful lists and even shared them with my husband. Praying we will be able to raise our kids with grateful hearts, too. You are an inspiration in so many ways!

  6. So sweet, Happy Thanksgiving!

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