two years with Tallula

Two years, y’all.

Not only is my baby 4 now, but she’s been home for 2 years.


I posted about her being home one year, and it feels like that was just a few months ago.

I’ve heard it said that time goes by faster and faster as you get older…

guess that makes me really old.


What can I say about Lula?

She’s wonderful.


She is smart.

She can write her name.

Draw a face with eyelashes and lips.

Say the alphabet and count to 30.


She is busy. She is in everybody’s business. And everybody’s stuff.

She occasionally struggles with keeping those little fingers out of trouble.

And when she does get busted – for say, making her footboard into a chalkboard with a Sharpie – she goes immediately into a well-rehearsed, baby-of-the-family wailing fit.

That’s my girl.


She is sweet. Oh my, Tallula has the biggest heart.

She loves fiercely.

She forgives freely.

And she has a joy for life that is absolutely contagious.


Happy two years home, baby girl.

Can’t wait to spend forever with you.



  1. blessed girl. You light up so many lives with your spunky self. Happy Home Anniversary. God bless your precious heart!!!

  2. And she’s stunning! What a Treasure she is!

  3. Jane Klingenberg says:

    Gives me tears! Such great memories of meeting you, Tallula, and Dalton in China. Our Kendal is five today! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could meet again someday?

    Love getting the “glimpses” of her Big personality!

    Sending happy hugs from MI!

    Jane and Kendal

  4. Simply BEAUTIFUL in every single way!

  5. So very, very precious!

  6. This is such a sweet post, and the pictures are adorable! I love the light. I’ve been reading your blog since before you brought her home – I can’t believe its been two years either!

  7. I love your images Stef! Especially the last one.

  8. Oh my — love your pictures. Your daughter is so cute!

  9. Great pics Stefanie! And as always, I love hearing about your sweet little one!!

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