celebrating Love

One of our amazing volunteers at An Orphan's Wish has created these gorgeous Czech glass bead bracelets.With a ruby red center heart.As a special thank-you for your gift of any amount to AOW, we will send you one of these gorgeous, handmade bracelets. Now, through the end of February.Your bracelet will arrive in an organza bag, perfect for gift-giving.Or keeping.And will serve as a special reminder of your love for precious orphaned children in China.To see all the ways you can help support our efforts at AOW, visit here. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {147 million}

Today was a good day.We had lunch at a pretty cool place.But even better than the fajitas, was the company.And that's sayin' something... because the fajitas? Were amazing.Y'all might recognize these two.And if you don't, you should.Suzanne and Gwen from 147 Million Orphans.Be sure to check out all the incredible stuff those two are doing.All to help feed orphans.P.S. Anyone wanna guess how many kiddos are represented by these 5 mamas?35. 16 biological and 19 adopted.So far.*********************************************** When you're ready with your Sunday Snapshot, … [Read more...]

giving hope

It's the day after Thanksgiving.And my belly is still full.I am warm. I am safe. I am loved.From this abundance of blessings my heart overflows. I remember that I have been given much. And not just to keep to myself, but in order to give much.This is a lesson I am in the process of learning. Thank goodness that God is patient with me and allows me to try and fail at this many, many times. But I am getting it, even if just a little at a time.We're trying to teach our children to "get it" as well. We talk about our blessings. We talk about others who have less. Much … [Read more...]

blessing others

Y'all remember last year, about this time?My sweet friend Jennifer held a fantastic fundraiser to help raise funds for orphans in China. Specifically for An Orphan's Wish.And, with y'alls help, over $2600 was raised. It was an awesome blessing for all the children at An Orphan's Wish, who received new winter coats and many, many new cloth diapers and covers.And this year, Joe and Jennifer are at it again, with their incredibly generous selves. Giving their time, talents and energy to raise funds for orphans in China. This year Pearl River Outreach will be the blessed … [Read more...]


In honor of Orphan Sunday, I want to share something that's been on my heart for a little while. And here lately it's been getting quite heavy, so I figure it's a perfect time to share...I'm pretty honest with y'all. That's just the way I roll. I'm not very good at keeping things to myself. In a nutshell, I prefer to spill my guts.And that's just the way God made me. At least, that's what I tell myself.One of the things I've shared with y'all is how stinkin' scary it is to step out of the boat in faith, and decide to adopt. When we determine that indeed, God is … [Read more...]

hip mom jewelry winner

As it is Saturday, and I know that if I were entered in a giveaway for a sweet necklace, I'd be wondering who won.So I decided to get off my hiney, put down the lemon square and randomly select the winner of the Hip Mom Jewelry giveaway winner.Contrats to Rebecca, from Living in a Rainbow World. Rebecca said: What beautiful necklaces, like wearing part of your testimony around your neck. I love them all, but I guess my favorite is the Hope for China one.Thanks for playing along, y'all. That was seriously fun. If you didn't win and you've got your heart set on one of … [Read more...]

still waiting

Y'all remember this little one?That I posted about here?Her file was sent back to China and she has now become available on the shared listing. In fact, WACAP is now offering a $2000 grant towards her adoption. We used WACAP to bring Vivienne home and can highly recommend them as an agency.A pediatric orthopedist very recently reviewed her file and had this to say:"This girl will be very functional with her upper extremities. It is surprising how well kids with this condition will adapt to the point of even playing musical instruments. There is a well known newscaster … [Read more...]

10K in 20 days

Seriously cool stuff.This very large, as in larger than ours, adoptive family has found a way to help other adoptive families.And there are just two more days to get in on the fun.Check it out here. … [Read more...]

one hip mom… helping others

Y'all remember this post?Where I thanked this person?Who creates things that look like this?Well... she's back at it. More generous than ever.Even though Ann is not an adoptive parent yet, she has a huge heart for adoption. And has been searching for a way to help adoptive families bring home their children.And she's decided to create some very special jewelry to do just that.She'll be offering several families, already in the process of adopting from China or Africa, the chance to receive all the proceeds from the sales of certain necklaces that will soon be offered … [Read more...]

worth your time

Wow. I am just flat tired today.Sick kids.MIA husband.Not-so-niceties continuing to swirl regarding my posts last week.But it's good. Dialogue is good, listening to other perspectives is good, learning from others experiences is good. Especially when intended to be instructive and not destructive. And it's essential to striving to parent our children who have been adopted as very best we can.Please take a few minutes to head over to Tonggu Momma's blog to read today's post. It's insightful and undoubtedly inspired. She and I are good buddies and I am incredibly fond of … [Read more...]